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Resharpen Stump Grinder Teeth & Chipper Blades

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Resharpen, Don't Replace!

Save money and time by resharpening your blades and cutting teeth, anywhere, anytime.

Better Job Efficiency

Sharper equipment means higher efficiencies, faster job completion, and higher profit margins.

Less Wear and Tear

Extend your equipment’s life by lessening strain with sharper cutting media.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

Properly maintained cutting edges leads to more efficient fuel use, and lower carbon footprint.


Whether at the job site or in the shop, our tools are designed to be used on the go with a battery-powered die grinder.


Sharpen blades and teeth without removing them from your equipment for simple maintenance and upkeep.



Save Time & Effort

How much time could you have saved if your equipment was firing on all cylinders…peak performance 100% of the time. How quickly could you have ripped through those stumps or chipped those branch limbs and moved onto the next project? Maybe quick enough to squeeze another project on that day? Now imagine this day after day.

Clients are happy you finished their project early, your team is happy the equipment works the way it’s supposed to, and you are happy with the increased revenue.

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Are you facing these issues?

Are you tired of spending money on expensive stump grinder teeth or chipper blades that continuously needs to be replaced?
Frustrated with worn down cutting media that is inefficient and costly because there isn’t a quick and cost effective way to sharpen them?
Concerned with the amount of down time your team incurs because of dull cutting tools week after week?

Don't worry, we have a solution

At ArborEdge, we have developed portable sharpening tools that help tree removal, stump grinding companies and landscapers across the country optimize their performance, by reducing job times and saving money!

Our patent pending process uses industrial diamond coated tools to sharpen stump grinder teeth, and cubic boron nitride coated tools to sharpen hardened steel chipper blades in minutes. Whether in the field or back at the shop, these revolutionary products will reduce strain on your equipment, get more life out of your cutting tools, and increase your team’s productivity.

The Benefits

ArborEdge Tools

Peak Performance

Reduce Waste

Quality Stainless Steel

Save Money

Diamond Coated Material

Made in the USA

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Stump Grinder Sharpening Tool

Our Stump Grinder Sharpening Tool is designed as a maintenance tool to keep the teeth on your stump grinder sharp, without the hassle of removing them from your equipment. Designed to work with a cordless grinder, our innovative AdvantEdge™ technology can restore the original sharpness of the teeth instead of replacing them, ensuring that your stump grinder operates optimally project after project, saving your team valuable time and reducing costs. Choose to sharpen your teeth for a more sustainable and cost-effective solution that benefits both your wallet and the planet.
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Chipper Blade Sharpening Tool

Our portable Chipper Blade Sharpening Tool is designed to keep the blades on your wood chipper sharp. Equipped with our AdvantEdge™ cutting technology, this sharpening tool will quickly and effectively put a new edge on your chipper blades without the need to remove them from your equipment. This ensures that your equipment operates at peak performance. Avoid the hassle of replacing dull or chipped blades by sharpening them back to new condition in minutes. This indispensable piece of maintenance equipment can save your team valuable time, and significantly reduce your overall costs.
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Sharpening Tool Combo Pack

Maximize efficiency and sustainability with our exclusive Combo Pack, featuring both our Stump Grinder Sharpening Tool and Portable Chipper Blade Sharpening Tool. Equipped with innovative AdvantEdge™ technology, these tools are designed to restore the original sharpness of your stump grinder teeth and chipper blades directly on your equipment. Skip the inconvenience of removing and replacing worn components. Instead, rejuvenate them quickly and effortlessly, ensuring peak performance in every project. Embrace a cost-effective, time-saving, and eco-friendly approach to equipment maintenance with this indispensable duo.
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Using Our Tool is Easy


All ArborEdge Tools are designed to work in a portable high speed die grinder that accept a ¼ shank and operate at approximately 25,000 RPM’s. All tool manufacturers have their own version which are readily available at all big box supply stores.


With your tool mounted in your die grinder, operate the tool to effectively resharpen the cutting surface. Light pressure is all that is needed as you want let the tools cutting media do the work.

Start Saving Money

Sit back and count the number of times you're able to resharpen your cutting media. The number of resharpens will save you thousands over the life of the tool. Not to mention the extended life of your equipment, the faster project times, and the higher project profit margins.

*Remember to use safety goggles and a mask if sharpening indoors

Small Changes

Impactful Savings

The arbor industry is demanding, with many factors to consider on every job site. From managing your crew and equipment to keeping customers satisfied and monitoring payroll, the workload can be overwhelming. While we can’t solve all your challenges, but we can help make a powerful adjustment that will make a big difference.

By sharpening, instead of replacing your worn stump grinder teeth and chipper blades, in the field or at the shop, you can optimize your equipment’s performance and save significantly on costs week after week. Take this simple step for convenience, innovation and performance to see a notable and immediate impact on your operations.

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